Bruce Jenner and White Male Faggotry: How to Avoid the Influence of White Homosexuality

“Many young men wanted to be Bruce Jenner when they grew up. No worthy young white man has those dreams now. Epic fail Bruce.” Anonymous White Boy

As an African man, I was raised by a mother who always reminded me to be a man. I remember at the age of ten my mother  telling me never be in the company of women unless they were my girlfriend or wife since women and men have different ways of looking at the world, and a man, especially a young man, may be influenced by the views of women to his detriment.

Nonetheless, the influence of the minority white collective has been substantial over African people and just as detrimental as a young man being around women. You have Africans like myself who speak English, wear “European Clothing”, and live in European cities. However, unlike many, I am keenly aware this is not healthy for the African psyche. Thus, the reason I study Zulu and go out of my way to purchase my everyday needs from other African people.

That being said, the white homosexual influence  is reaching a feverish crescendo. From the white media to the white school system, a sane African can observe the push to normalize homosexual perversity.

This clearly is illuminated by the faggot Bruce Jenner and the 24-7 coverage of his “Transformation”.

The absurdity of Bruce Jenner’s desire to hack off his penis, wear a dress, and ingest female hormones is bizarre. However, this is the natural disposition of the white male. Many people have a hard time accepting this. The white male and females are natural faggots. They are merely returning to their classical social behaviors.


How do we as African people protect our children from this influence; indeed, how can we protect ourselves from being desensitized to this depraved behavior?

I suggest Africans accept the fact that Europeans / white people / inbred mutant albinos are hell bent towards their own annihilation. As many have said in the past, the white collective truly does not love itself, although they project the contrary. They hate their pink skin.

We must  socialize African people to buy from African people so as to employ themselves and thus create life affirming communities.

Nonetheless, when you happen to walk by a newsstand and see a white man in dress being celebrated as a hero, remember; you are in a deviant white society. Work at destroying it without sacrificing yourself.

Sala Kahle!


17 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner and White Male Faggotry: How to Avoid the Influence of White Homosexuality

  1. Absolutely disgusting! And to think young black men are being brainwashed to accept these freaks as if they were real women.


    1. What evidence do you have of that? Or are you saying the white media’s insistence on calling males who chop off their penis females is brainwashing African youth.

      Nonetheless, I blame African parents if their children turn into faggots. Way too many cowards in the African community allowing their children to be abused mentally and physically.

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      1. Yes, I’m saying the media is brainwashing them. Young men are made to feel guilty for recognizing them as what they are.

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  2. I am so sick of looking at this mutant she-male. The white controlled media keeps forcing him down our throats. Along with his step daughters the whorish Kardashian crew. Bruce Jenner is a washed up has been. I always thought he was over rated as an athlete. Now they are using this anti-sexual to push their homosexual agenda. We have to protect our children from this demonic assault by our enemies. I think we are raising our boys to be too submissive. One must remember that the vast majority of our ancestors enslaved were young from ten to sixteen. A very few in their mid to late teens. Who had been forced violently away from their families and tribes and place in a situation by strange pale complexion people who beat rapped tortured and psychologically manipulated into an unnatural condition until no memory of their home lands or customs existed. How are children to fight back and with what. Don’t be deceived by the propagandist that it was just the warrior class that was captured and enslaved. Very few were because this group was the most deadly. So when you have children raising child to be submissive and weak for hundred of years you have bred a weak and insignificant people. Who now worship and follow the evil of those that enslaved your mind body and to most their spirit. In short you imitate the imitator. While today you except their religions, their manners, you celebrate their holidays and the whitewash goes on. Yet you deny your own creator or paying homage to your ancestors, or work towards unity; heck our youth and the police are killing what should be our warriors every day while those who escape are being turned out to drugs and criminal activity or locked up and you see but you never ask why or demand our leaders and preachers to come out in force against this it seems they are too busy maintaining the status quo of our enemy. But by the grace of the creator and our ancestors many of us are waking up to the reality of our plight and are beginning to reach out some good some false yet creating dialog for honest discussing for solutions.
    But homosexuality is unnatural and goes against nature and our African spiritual system of beliefs. You can seek to justify it using any school of though created by the enemy you want to. Spiritually and morally its wrong .So what to do about it you can only educate and pray for them and ask the creator and our ancestors to lead them to understanding.
    This is the effeminization of young boys. In order for us to be in the conditions that we are in, the black male must be perceived as irresponsible.
    As the great Amos Wilson once said:

    “An oppressor recognizes that it’s far more likely that it’s the males of the species who are going to resist domination, AND RESIST IT VIOLENTLY! Any oppressor worth its weight in salt knows that you MUST destroy the males: imprison them, humiliate them, block and or retard their socioeconomic growth & development and do anything to them in order to hold a people down.”

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    1. The debate should be on how do we mobilize against these attacks on African people in the USA. I quite frankly I am tired of the lazy and to be frank, stupid approach many African people are taking.

      How do we have mass gatherings that unite us? We should not be only hyped to meet up with one another After someone is shot.

      I am sick of the behavior, the apathy. The fall for anything culture that has sprung about; and it will get worse.

      This country is heading for a civil war. This is serious business.

      I don’t care for Oprah, that a boring conversation. She is known sellout. However, I do care about people looking at ways to stifle her influence. Solutions and debating it in constructive ways is my aim.

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      1. Oprah is a known sellout??? By whom?? Maybe you and I know that. But not if you listen to the conversations of some black people. They see her as some type of savior for black They think her films and tv shows show progress for African people. I’ve noticed this type of thinking with many black women I have talked with. Many of our people are not as enlightened as we may think.


    2. You’re dumber than I thought. You’re an inbred albino mutant. You evolved in a cave,eating raw meat and raping little boys. This is European history. Don’t bother trying to comment on my blog. You think I would let a white faggot with a limp dick comment on my blog???lol Give it a rest you silly butt pirate. No one wants to read this mindless crap you keep writing. Please go copy and paste somewhere else. I won’t approve your garbage on my blog. So you can stop trying.


  3. @Bhekizitha
    The media is doing their part to distort the developing minds of African children. This is no surprise. This is what Yurugu does. We should know his character by now. But we also have to do our part to counter this. I think we should monitor what our children watch on tel-LIE-vision. Or get rid of it altogether. It is just a brainwashing tool that pushes Eurocentric values,ideas and morals. That’s why I support homeschooling. Children should be learn about African culture and African heritage. They should be taught about the great African warriors that beat whites in the past. And also learn that homosexuality is deviant behavior. Guy and lesbian antics can not be tolerated in out culture. And you can’t build a nation from homosexuals,lesbians,transgenders and pedophiles. The media is partly to blame. But we should be doing everything to fight this onslaught on our youth. It’s not an easy task but it must be done.

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  4. I also want to add that I consider Oprah Winfrey an enemy to African people worldwide. On her Oxygen network she promoting a show called The prancing Elites. It’s a show about a group of black homosexual dancers! Oprah should be ashamed of herself! This is disgraceful!
    Oprah’s Oxygen Network aired the series premiere of the Prancing Elites last Wednesday.. The show features 5 gender confused men who prance around in leotards, heels and majorette costumes. The Elites spend most of their time trolling parades and intimidating Alabama residents who cling tightly to their traditional values.This is the image of black men that is being promoted aggressively in the media to counterbalance society’s image of black men as violent, pants sagging thugs and criminals.
    White America is intimidated by intelligent, successful, articulate, masculine black men. The media has a history of portraying black men as scary dangerous criminals who deserve to be killed by trigger-happy white cops.
    The destruction of the black male image continues with Oprah’s latest image of black men as safe and effeminate.We shouldn’t be surprised that Oprah is selling a warped image of black men to America. Oprah, 61, was raped at age nine and pregnant by age 14. She repeatedly reminds us that she was sexually abused by men,it’s getting a bit old.Oprah and the media would like nothing more than to present The Prancing Elites as the perfect role models for young black boys.
    Black men are slowly marching towards extinction. The pool of available black men is shrinking. For every 100 black women in America there are only 83 black men. The NY Times recently conducted a study that shows 1.5 million black men are missing. The single largest gap of missing black men in America is in Ferguson, MO.But rather than focus on the crises in black America, Oprah wants to focus on sexually dysfunctional black men in tights and majorette costumes. She has proved to me she’s just a puppet for white supremacy. No different than Obama or most black actors and athletes. With very few exceptions.


      1. Well she also owns OWN. The privately held company Oxygen Media was founded in 1998 by former Nickelodeon executive Geraldine Laybourne, talk show host Oprah Winfrey, and producers Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner and Caryn Mandabach (of Carsey-Werner fame). Geraldine Laybourne was the service’s founder, chairman, and CEO, staying with the channel until the NBCUniversal sale. But over the last few years Oprah has distanced herself from the network when after started OWN. Oxygens ratings have also been going down.


  5. Transgenderism and homosexuality may not be present in all races, to solely blame whites for this abnormality is certainly acceptable. The second most common transgender nation after Thailand is Brazil which is full of black and mixed race people, if you disagree with the Jewish ran media for being more accepting of people like Bruce Jenner and black transgenders then maybe you should return to a more conservative motherland Africa.

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  6. Well, its good to see someone taking a strong stand in the African community against this horror. I feel for the position of the community though, because in a million small but insidiously debilitating ways, Africans here are still treated like dirt and I think they are afraid. As long as blacks keep their heads down, they can live-though that life is sometimes just a walking death. If the men would start taking care of the women, just something as simple as that, and the women would stop jumping into bed with every stud who says, “hey, baby”, much could be done to strengthen the community. But…when the African community shows signs of strength, Europeans get scared and jealous, and find ways to to beat them down, so what to do…? One thing I notice in the African community-they put each other down a lot, laugh at each other and treat their children like slave masters used to treat the slaves! How do we re-educate this community? I don’t blame them for their faults, but they have to learn to treasure one another. That’s what I see in communities that thrive, they help each other, and not just small cliques or groups, but like , “hey, you’re one of us, doesn’t matter what neighborhood or state, you’re one of us, we’ve got your back: kind of help. Europeans and their descendents seem to have something inherently hateful in them that goes way back. Lord, help us!!!


  7. I also can’t help but wonder how long sites like this will be allowed to exist. They Gaystapo are gunning for anyone who doesn’t bow down to their perversions. Have any of you read the Gay Manifesto? If not, you should-it should be online if they haven’t hidden it. It will prepare you for what’s coming next-and it ain’t pretty.


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