Titi Branch and Miko Branch: White Boy Pimps Mixed-Raced Women Who Black Women Make Rich!

Target Salute To Miko Branch And Titi Branch To Celebrate Being Named Two Of Ebony Magazine's Power 100
Titi Branch and Miko Branch

These are the type of mixed race women many Black women are emulating. Women with barren wombs, useless due to countless abortions or bad genetics.

Women  who use internet dating sites to find mates. These women epitomize the lifestyle many aim to acquire in some fashion. It is a socially engineered safe lifestyle the larger white society has approved.


The following story is from the New York Post (a rag). It is about two multiracial women who identify as being Black. Indeed they are spoken of as “Powerful and Inspiring Black women”. The absurdity of these assertions are obvious since  Titi Branch and Miko Branch are not African people. Titi Branch and Miko Branch are mixed-raced women who identify with being African; however, they lack the major trait required to be considered an African woman which is African textured hair.

Target Salute To Miko Branch And Titi Branch To Celebrate Being Named Two Of Ebony Magazine's Power 100
Titi Branch hanged herself in her apartment in December, but her sister is questioning what led her to take her own life.

“Titi Branch had it all — a multimillion-dollar hair-care empire she built up from a humble Brooklyn salon, a loving sister who was her business partner and confidante, and a boyfriend with whom she dreamed of starting a family.

Yet three weeks before Christmas, she fell into a depression so deep, she would not escape it. The beautiful entrepreneur hanged herself in her Midtown apartment on Dec. 4, authorities say.

What led her to such a dark place, and who might profit from her tragic death, are questions now at the center of a court battle between the two people closest to her: sister Miko Branch, with whom she launched “Miss Jessie’s” hair products named after their grandmother, and Anthony Spadafora, the Pennsylvania man she loved. Each blames the other for the Queens ­native’s downward spiral.

Titi, 45, was under Spadafora’s svengali-like spell, Miko claims in Manhattan Supreme Court papers, saying he isolated her from her family, manipulated her and treated her like a human ATM.

Titi even changed the beneficiary of her $2 million in life-insurance policies from her sister to Spadafora — because of his “undue influence,” Miko claims.

“My sister’s death has been a devastating blow,” she told The Post. “It was only after Titi’s death that we learned more about what she’d been going through and how her affairs were being managed.”

Spadafora “wielded exceptional control over [her] while fully aware that her mental health was severely compromised,” the sister claims, referring to Titi’s “disabling” depression.

In just two years Spadafora, 43, managed to “extract” hundreds of thousands of dollars from Titi to launch his own beard-care business, Maestro’s Classics; $420,000 to buy and renovate a Pennsylvania house; and a $135,000 interest-free loan.

“In exchange, [she] received nothing,” Miko charged.

Titi was ready to kick Spadafora to the curb last year when she found out he sexually propositioned her trainer, but he knew how to keep her in line, Miko alleges in court papers.

Spadafora “took extreme measures to stop her . . . sending compromising photographs that he had taken of her,” the sister claims.

Within days of her death, he peppered her grieving parents with e-mails claiming he had a new will drafted by Titi giving him 50 percent of everything, according to the suit.

He also took his girlfriend’s computer and refused to return it to her family members unless they forked over Titi’s expensive Cartier bracelet, according to court papers.

When they did, the computer he returned had its drive scrubbed clean, the Branch family claims.

Spadafora called the charges “ridiculous.”

He claims Titi’s bitter falling out with Miko in September 2013 prompted her to change the beneficiary on her life-insurance policy, and drove Titi out of the company she and Miko started together in 2004.

“She was changing ­everything,” he said.

The sisters “loved each other” but had different management styles, and as tensions grew, Titi couldn’t take the stress, he claims, calling Miko “the bully of Brooklyn.”

“They’re trying to paint me as a villain,” he said.

He met Titi on Match.com in 2012, and the relationship quickly became serious.

“It was a real love . . . I was dedicated to her; she was dedicated to me,” he said, calling Titi his “Lady Liberty.”

The pair traveled to Italy and France, shared homes in New York and Pennsylvania, and wanted to have children, but multiple rounds of in-vitro fertilization failed, leaving Titi drained and despondent, her boyfriend told The Post.

In December, Titi got a call at his Pennsylvania home from a friend concerned about Titi’s absence. Spadafora rushed to her Manhattan apartment. Police were already there.

“My love failed. I thought it was good enough if there wasn’t a baby,” he said, weeping.

Spadafora says he wants to make peace with the family. “I don’t want to see this turn into a war,” he said.”

from NY POST


13 thoughts on “Titi Branch and Miko Branch: White Boy Pimps Mixed-Raced Women Who Black Women Make Rich!

  1. These mulattoes are really sick. They are quick to assimilate and pass down wealth to none Blacks. I think the reason she killed her self was because She couldn’t have a mixed race child. It was her dream to have one and brag about the inferior traits to self hating African people.

    The money she made degrading African women will go to her white boyfriend.

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      1. Yes that’s true. And these Koreans are making a fortune off of black women’s insecurities. If they embraced their natural hair and natural beauty this would not be possible. Our people are operating under a false consciousness. Other races know this and exploit it whenever they can.

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    1. That’s why it’s so hard for us to create generational wealth. We keep marrying these albino mutants and when they get divorced the money goes right back to them! I’ve seen this pattern over and over again. We have to stop marrying these creatures and reproducing these self-hating half breeds.

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  2. This is very sick. Dating out + trying to find ‘love’ on the internet + trying to have a baby at 45: it’s all willful refusal to interface with reality. Our senses tell us that mixed relationships are destructive for Africans and African interests, that you can’t ‘fall in love’ with words and pictures on a computer screen, and that if you’re a woman who wants to have children, you can’t spend your twenties and thirties making and nurturing a big career, you have to spend them making and nurturing children. This woman clearly spent the prime of her life working against her own nature and common sense, rather substituting the white-pride anti-African propaganda she was bombarded with for her own reasoning and cognitive capacities. That is deeply dissociative: knowing what your instincts and senses are telling you (the degenerate in your bed is a criminal, anti-African racist, and gay), but ignoring your instincts because it’s trendy to act like you’re a European in dark face, and because you’re ‘racist’ if you don’t.

    This mixed shit in general is completely sick, and whenever I encounter it in public, the contempt and outrage are all over my face. Like when I see these non-Africans who some idiot judge (or traumatized African) has allowed to adopt an African child. An African child calling a non-African “dad!” in public IS NOT A SITUATION THAT ANYONE SHOULD IGNORE! In the non-African homes those children have been put in, they are being bombarded with constant anti-African propaganda at the very least, and possibly much worse.

    And lo and behold: go to this degenerate Anthony Spadafora’s instagram account and what do you see: https://instagram.com/p/0Nh3r5Oqxu/?taken-by=bearded_baron.

    That’s right. This sick bitch is in Haiti, using the invasions of that country by his criminal European cousins as cover to prey on African children.

    Wake Africans and ACBN! These criminals are waging war ON OUR CHILDREN and we African men ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH TO GUARANTEE THEIR SECURITY!

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  3. That picture of Anthony Spadafora makes me SICK!! I can’t stand seeing those mutants near our babies. I personally don’t think they should adopt black children at all. These kids grow up very confused being raised by these sick bastards. I also believe many whites go to African countries to have sex with these children. They do not go there to “aid” in any way. Everything they do is for their own selfish gain. These creatures are sick pedophiles that want to exploit African people. My heart goes out to those poor little kids. Beware of any mutant albino going to “help” African people.

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  4. They hanged her…. not that I know anything about those people, but that looked like a signed murder (“hanged” like with a noose, really?)
    Sandra Bland anybody? Plus it’s the one that doesn’t look Asian at all… her blond “hair” look like a bad weave or crochet braids (not that I’ve worn any but I’ve seen enough women w/ these hairstyles to tell real hair from fake).


  5. My goodness… I keep reading this story… I can’t get passed that. They know that Blacks will make them rich. “Lady Liberty”??? It’s so digusting, especially when you see how they’re doing the same to our relatives… and now that they see their power on adults wear off, they are preying on the weaker minds, our children. I can’t, I just can’t.
    Should we pay Black seductors/seductress to make these brainwashed blacks break up with the IMA exploitors? They are using the same tactics ALL THE TIME!
    What should we do?


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