Eugene de Kock Should be Executed

Ima 5

The planned release of Eugene de Kock from a South African prison illustrates the total collapse of African honor. After serving 20 years in prison, Eugene de Kock, nicknamed “Prime Evil”, will be released from a South African prison sometime this year at an undisclosed time. Eugene de Kock was convicted of operating and participating in the killings of 1000’s of African men, women, and children with the assistance of his death squad; a squad of men who were regularly intoxicated while on duty to kill.

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For Eugene de Kock to be even considered for parole is irrational but to actually grant parole to a man who lead a militarized Ima (inbred mutant albino / umlungu) death squad to slaughter 1000’s of Africans is unconscionable. The decision by a stumbling and bumbling African Imbuka, Michael Masutha, is another glaring example that Africans in South Africa are broken, and many of them are quite comfortable with their subordinate roles next to Imas. Ima 4

Indeed, the childish imploring of silly Africans to forgive Imas is nothing more than a feminine way of saying they do not wish to fight the inbred mutant albino power structure. When one is made aware of the slaughter that Eugene de Kock was involved in and how he organized the beatings of African men and women, some to their death, the burning and bombing of homes and sniper assassinations. One has to wonder if the Africans in South Africa are too brainwashed to truly be effective  at being sovereign.

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Where are the African owned radio, T.V., and internet sites that promote African images and ideologies? Where are the Pan-African schools that promote African solidarity and sovereignty? Where are the scientific institutions that promote the biological supremacy of the African?

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They are nowhere, and thus, there is no counter attack being made against Ima hegemony. Unfortunately, the release of Eugene de Kock is another symptom of Nelson Mandela’s bad example of cowardliness that African leaders dare not speak against.


Nuremburg Trails vs Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Nuremburg Trails, held in Germany,  Imas judged themselves and killed those who they felt were war criminals. On the contrary, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, held in South Africa, allowed Imas to ask for forgiveness from Africans. Africans who were threatened with physical and economic harm from Imas from Western countries if they refused to accept the terms of the so called end of apartheid. This arrangement  ensured Imas would not be punished and Africans would be denied justice.


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Nonetheless, Eugene de Kock should be executed, not pardoned.

“To Forgive Without Seeking Justice is to Reward Injustice” Amos Wilson


25 thoughts on “Eugene de Kock Should be Executed

  1. I hope Malema come to power. I know he will do better than the ANC. This is really sad, we allow our killers to roam free. This is a negative tone we are sending to our children to be submissive to operation. I know justice will take it course if they let that animal out.


    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Nonetheless, I am a little confused as to what Malema is about since the Economic Freedom Fighters party has non-African members. He is an upgrade from Mandela but that is not saying much.

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      1. I understand what you are saying but i think non african EFF members in his party is a strategic move. I may be wrong but this is what i think right now. We can use our enemies people against them too, this is what they do to us.

        I know Malema can’t solve all the problems but he can help solve some of it. After him, there will be more mugabes. Many africans in Southern part of Africa are getting inspired by Mugabe (he inspired malema). Now they have EFF Namibia. They too are ready to take their land from the invaders.

        Lastly, I hope Malema don’t end up like that traitor Mandela.

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      2. I agree with you. Towards the end Mandela went out like a bitch. He was a real revolutionary when he was younger. His wife was much more of a warrior than he was. That’s why the media tried to vilify her so much.


  2. Malema is a fucking integrationist. In several important ways, he’s less pro-African than the top ANC politicians. He sings ‘Kill the Boer’ but obsequiously kisses boers to prove he’s not ‘racist’ ( He says Euro-South Africans are unpatriotic for not mastering Zulu and Xhosa but sends his son to be trained at a Dutch-language boer school ( He says Africa for the Africans and expropriation without compensation but expels EFF members who object to allowing non-Africans to act as managers within the party (at ca.17:45 He calls the top ANC politicians murderers due to the Marikana massacre but hires riot gear-clad security officers to intimidate his own EFF members at the party’s elective conference ( He demanded the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador after Israel’s 2014 attacks on Palestine, but left Israeli attempted assaults and attacks on African immigrants and their properties (and the Israeli government’s long-running attempts to sterilize Ethiopian Jews) unremarked.

    As best I can figure, Malema and Co.’s animating grievance seems to be a feeling that President Zuma has squelched dissent within the ANC. Malema would know better than I as to whether that’s true. But if anyone thinks that kind of inside-baseball shit will lead to African Power in South Africa, they’re fooling themselves. If Malema ever takes the presidency, he will turn out to be Mandela 2.0. Mark my words.

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    1. I get your opinion but most of the media are owned and controlled by the parasites in south africa. They always do their best to demonize any person who fight for african interest. Remember mugabe?

      I never lived in south africa before but i follow them and Zimbabwe struggle. Example, Malema gently shuts some racist animal in south africa for mistreating a south african but the media made it seem malema attacked an innocent a person. Following their media can be deceiving sometimes.

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      1. Yes, of course much major media in South Africa is managed by the foreigners (though I wouldn’t overstate the point: The Mail and Guardian, a white pride mainstay, was bought by a Ziimbabwean expat years ago, and his daft ass hasn’t changed shit about that paper’s backwards editorial policy and poor standards; and the SABC, of course, is managed directly from Luthuli House). But it is quite a leap to argue that because the foreigners lie, someone has distorted reports of Malema’s views to such a degree as to make him appear to take positions like those stated above when they are otherwise not his positions. If that is your argument, you would have to further demonstrate why it is that Malema and the EFF have issued no statements disputing the reports above. The EFF has a website. The EFF has a marketing team. What’s stopping them from setting the record straight on the apparently full-length recordings of Malema’s unedited public statements I posted above? What European or Asian made Malema (and Shivambu, and Mngxitama, and Mpofo, and Ndlozi, and Litchfield-Tshabalala) appoint Asians as some of EFF’s top office-holders? What European or Asian made Malema mutilate the iconic revolutionary war song and change it to ‘Kiss the Boer’ instead of ‘Kill the Boer?’ Who made Malema say about Europeans in an intervew with a South African business magazine that ‘we need eachother — we are even beginning to marry one another,’ and ‘South Africa wouldn’t look very good without you?’

        Come on man. I don’t know how old you are, Brother or Sister, or how long you’ve been following politics. But in my experience, when it comes to African interests, where there’s smoke there’s fire. And the give-Malema-the-benefit-of-the-doubt impulse you seem to be advocating here is the same kind of Keep Hope Alive position that has allowed, for instance, an arch-integrationist and anti-African racist like President Obama to so sorely hamper and stunt African American politics over the last eight years. Does Malema deserve credit for putting that parasite in its place at that fast food restaurant? Absolutely. Does he deserve credit for calling out some of the ANC’s more integrationist impulses over the last 20 years? Of course. But equally, he must be made to answer for his own integrationist actions. In this environment, given the current state of African World politics, anyone advocating integrationism and deprecating African exclusivity has a higher burden of proof and must be made to answer for it. Because the stakes are too high.

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      2. I made a mistake recently about Mugabe based on emotions. But Malena is a blind guide. As a African man at times I feel hopeless. But its nothing an ACBN Restoration wont fix. I just need to perfect the ideology and find African men who realize are hands will have to get bloody foreign and domestic.

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    2. To Anonymous

      We don’t have a perfect leader right now. Malema is not a saint, He may get some things right and others wrong. Him having some non Africans can be a planned idea. Many people in south Africa are in love with non Africans. They will abstain from an all black party to avoid been called “racist’.

      A lot of them are disciples of Mandela’s stupid rainbow nation idea. In order to appease these lost Africans, Malema have to use non Africans to attract them and also cause confusion among non africans group. Remember the invaders used Mandela to fight against his own people interest why can’t we do the same? Our enemies are still using our own people against us no matter where we are found. All the African leaders except Mugabe (He used to be their toy don’t forget that) are puppets for europeans and Asians.

      We are on the same page but it seems you can’t see the picture am trying to show you. This is not about integration or we are the world stuff. You can’t just get up and go to war and expect people to join you and change the system. It is like trying to go to the moon with your car. You must first sit down and find a strategic way to outsmart your opponent. The system in Azania is bigger than Malema alone.

      There is nothing wrong with integration if you use it for your own interest. Didn’t Mugabe used integration to free Zimbabwe even though he has some white people in his administration. The UN (White Organization) has African countries as members? but who are the people mostly benefiting from it?. Obama supported the Libyans to overthrow Gaddafi, do you think America care about Libyan people? hell no, they just used them to get what they want from their country. This tactics work better than the atomic bomb.

      I know Malema will do what Mugabe did when he comes to power.


      1. I hear you, Brother or Sister. You seem to be saying that Malema is playing a strategic Long Game. Do I understand you correctly? If so, I don’t go in for Long Gameism, as I think is probably clear from my earlier comments here. Long Gameism in recent African World politics seems to me to consistently take the form of assuming that politician or activist XYZ is sacrificing a deeply held value, ideology, or urgent objective in the short to long term but that their inner Garvey will emerge after the war is won. I don’t think such doublespeak and cross signals work in terms of management. But I also don’t see such ideological ambiguity in the major recent and historical African World political successes. To the contrary, successful African World political operations were apparently models of ideological rigor: the UNIA, revolutionary-era ANC, Sankara, the Haitian Revolution, to name a few.

        As to integrationism specifically, my position is that there is something very wrong with it. In short, the African World is still repairing the Crisis of Confidence brought on by the Maafa. The mere presence of non-Africans in African operations irritates a still-open wound — their presence leaves open the question of whether African men and women are themselves capable of wresting control of their own interests, of whether they can do it without help and without reference to non-African models. My position is that the self-image of the African World cannot be repaired until we Africans see that question answered in the affirmative, by which I mean we must see power and preeminence represented in and exercised by Africans, and we must come to see power, wealth, and preeminence as synonymous with African. The presence of non-Africans in African operations not only makes mockery of the raison d’etre of such operations and makes an affirmative answer to that question impossible, but non-African presence also distracts from and disturbs the careful, solemn, and rigorous work necessary. So for that and many other reasons, integrationism is a very big problem (and the central problem in many important respects), and my position is that departures from African exclusivity should only be countenanced temporarily for the completion of some specified short-term objective, if ever. So far, I haven’t come across any such specifics by Malema. But I’ve come across lots of integrationist advocacy from him.

        That said, your heart seems to be in the right place, and I hope it’s clear that my differences with you here are only honest political differences, and that I mean no insult to you personally. I also hope that Malema proves you right and proves me wrong.

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      2. This was an excellent exchange of perceptions about the EFF’s tactics and strategies. When first I saw non-Africans in the EFF I had to assume the same as conclusion that Anonymous did. However, after reading the reply. I realized that we who are in the fight for building African power should not have to make mental justifications for something we see that is inconsistent with African men and women being the representatives of our own interests. The rationale should be explained in the ideological approach behind having an integrated leadership which is purportedly serving for our interests. This situation with the EFF is not the same as when Africans are used by non-Africans either. When non-Africans use culturally-alienated Africans (negroes) to do their bidding, the enemy is not drawing these people from a power base which has an organized, hierarchical chain of command. However, if the theory that Malema is playing the “long-game” and is using strategy to avoid the charge of “racism”, the people he must use are not only from groups which have a power base and hierarchical chain of command, but any use the non-African can have to us will not be represented in the institutions and organizations of the non-Africans. The non-Africans will not allow outside influences to taint their decision making process and affect the attainment of their strategic goals. So the use the non-Africans have to us is minimal at best and is only presenting an image of non-exclusivity. Should we really believe that non-Africans want to be tokens in our movement for the similar psychological reasons that Africans seek to be the tokens in the institutions of non-Africans? Especially since most of these non-Africans do indeed have a cultural-economic power base to which to return and thrive, their benefit to us is dubious t.o say the least.

        Furthermore, if we are at war (and I know that we are) we have to adhere to certain principles of warfare. I define war as the process of one defined group seeking a material advantage over another defined group for the purpose of the group’s survival by whatever means necessary. Are non-Africans seeking an advantage over.the enemies of Africans, and if so, do they have the same enemies as us? Do they have the same goals? Therefore, any serious leadership has to have the principle of first defining the group, then treating the members of the group differently to those who are not in the group, and using this principle in all decision making to bring about the tactical results one seeks. If using non-Africans is a strategic necessity at this point, then it would better suit us to make an alliance with the non-African group so as to maintain the principle of who is in the African group and who is not, and to maintain our own African power base and chain of command. In addition, we can then use an organization to treat differently those Africans (like the present ANC) differently than those Africans who seek to build power for the 21st century. I am doubtful that non-Africans truly want to see a powerful African superpower which has global impact. At present, most non-Africans who help Africans subscribe to foreign ideologies such as socialism, humanism, or Christianity, kwk. They often have a very murky concept of “social justice”, or tehy are agents of our enemies who are seeking sex-mates and influence over a subjugated group because the non-African individual has little if any influence or power in their own group.

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      3. @Lumumba Afrika

        “If using non-Africans is a strategic necessity at this point, then it would better suit us to make an alliance with the non-African group so as to maintain the principle of who is in the African group and who is not, and to maintain our own African power base and chain of command.”

        Thank you for raising the question of integrationist non-Africans’ motives. It is one of the main problems with integrationism. My position is that, simply put, a non-African presuming to participate in an African operation is itself a plainly anti-African conceit. The proof of this is our own African World values and mores: Would we Africans take it upon ourselves to attend or even accept invitations to an operation clearly organized as a platform for some non-African community to address their own particular and peculiar political interests? For instance, when the National Congress of American Indians meets, do we African Americans take up membership so that we can ‘help’ the struggling and wronged Native Americans? Do we Africans stage rallies to express ‘solidarity’ as ‘allies’ of non-African political activists? As far as I’ve seen, the answer is almost never. Because we have the home training, common sense, and decency to know better. And the exceptions to the rule are particularly instructive here I think: Which Africans attempt to join ethnically-exclusive non-African groups like the National Congress of American Indians? Only those Africans who want to rob Native Americans of their identity and use it for personal (often self-enrichment-minded) purposes. Which Africans ‘ally’ with and stage ‘solidarity’ rallies for non-African political efforts like that of the Palestinians? Only those Africans who view such as an opportunity to oppose a common enemy — that is, Israel and its European allies.

        It simply strains credulity that any sincere non-African, knowing the enormity of crimes committed against Africans, would think they could in any way help repair the damage wrought by their relatives and compatriots by attending operations specifically designed for the express purpose of prosecuting and repairing said crimes and damage. It’s absurd. And it’s motives are plainly anti-African racist explicitly or implicitly.


    3. To Lumumba and Anonymous

      Lets remember we are dealing with majority carry the vote situation here. EFF is a political party not another so called black panther party. Not all black South Africans are going to vote for EFF. It is a good idea for EFF to target non africans voters to come to power.

      Look at both Republicans and Democrats. These two parties are for white people but they still have African members. They use African Americans candidates as a bait to capture votes in the so called black community.

      Even in Europe (Italy and France have Africans in parliament house. Just because we see Africans in these countries political system doesn’t mean they are for our people. They are illusion created to further maintain there is not racism bullshit and also further enslave africans economically.

      Just because we see an all black political party doesn’t mean they are for US. Look at Ivory Coast’s President Alassane Ouattara party. All the members are black but the true leader is the French President. Gbabo who is for African people is rotting in jail in europe.

      I know EFF will solve some of our problems (not all), then the liberation will start from there until we are free. I also predict if they don’t come to power in the next election, they will take another bloody revolution. Using non africans to achieve your aim is like using drones to kill your enemies while your solders are in their base watching them die


      1. @ reality2015

        I just want to make a correction to earlier my reply. When I stated that “When first I saw non-Africans in the EFF I had to assume the same as conclusion that Anonymous did.” I meant to write “When first I saw non-Africans in the EFF I had to assume the same as conclusion that reality2015 did.” I misread the author of the comment to which I was replying. However with that said, I realize that you probably have more facts about the situation in South Africa than I do since I am not there and all of my information is from news media and press releases. I truly hope that this tactic works. I am just a bit confused about the land question. EFF has said that it will redistribute land without compensation. In my mind this includes only Africans not non-Africans. I am just wondering what benefit non-African settlers, and especially whites, see in this policy? So since it does not concern them directly, i wonder what motivates them to join the EFF?


      2. I’m sorry, but I highly doubt the EFF is being strategic here in order to win votes. Even if they were, what good would obtaining political office be without any of the necessary economic, institutional or ideological power to go with it? The party should be more about pushing forth a clear, nationalistic and African-centered ideology and program and mobilizing and training African youth to seize power (economic, institutional, militaristic, technological, etc.).

        Also, If they were serious about using deception and manipulation as political strategy they’d infiltrate and co-opt other parties and use them to carry out their agenda, all under the guise of liberalism, integration, etc. rather than open up their doors to non-Africans. This way they avoid the confusion that comes from sending mixed messages. They could also create multiple parties which could do the same or even other things not possible by infiltrating and co-opting the opposition. These parties could be used to obtain votes without having to lose the trust of followers, the credibility among fellow revolutionaries or negating forward progress.


  3. Well said, Nubian Times. That Euro degenerate and many like him in South Africa should’ve been sentenced to death after the revolution. This is yet another demonstration that power by itself is not enough. African power exercised aggressively and jealously in African interests is the key. And that, at base, is an ideological problem, not a wealth or power problem.

    That said, we Africans in places like the US and your family’s home country (Haiti if I remember correctly?) have much housecleaning of our own to do. That murderers like Zimmerman, Wilson, Panteleo, Weekley and too many others are walking the streets is unconscionable. Each of them should’ve been dead and buried by now.

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  4. Eugene “the Cock” is a sick demented cave beast! His crimes can NEVER be forgiven! I have NO sympathy for this bastard! He deserves nothing short of getting the guillotine or getting burned alive. I prefer him getting burned alive. That way he can suffer a lot more.


  5. @amoswilsonuniversity, believe me, you did not make a mistake in regards to Mugabe. As I have said before, the man is totally and 100% anti-African. What kind of Pan-African leader (of an African country) spends most of his time OUTSIDE his country? What Pan-African leader tortures, humiliates and murders revolutionaries and infiltrates revolutionary organizations for his European masters (I’m referring to his well known past in Zimbabwe)? What Pan-Africanist steals millions of dollars from Africans and spends it lavishly only while among non-African people? When I was inside the country there were both power and water outages for an entire week during the same time the “lion of Africa” was in Singapore rubbing shoulders with Asians, spending something close to 5 million dollars on the “finer things in life” (this can be confirmed by comments his own son made over social media). The truth is most Zimbabweans hate the man and are only itching to return him and his family the favor for all the crimes which were committed against them (in the interests of Europeans, btw).

    We have a seriously bad habit of anointing people without necessary background checks; without bothering to confirm or disconfirm whether people are what they purport themselves to be. It’s not enough anymore to simply speak negative about and towards whites. People’s behavior and actions must be judged and measured according to the standards of ACBN.


    1. “The truth is most Zimbabweans hate the man and are only itching to return him and his family the favor for all the crimes which were committed against them (in the interests of Europeans, btw)”

      What sources to learn more about this would you recommend?


  6. I looked for the book,Into the Heart of Darkness on Amazon. Can you believe a used copy is between $120-280! That’s crazy! Anf they want $999 for a brand new copy!! That is insane! It’s obvious they don’t want people to read this book. I guess the book documents their well known savage behavior maybe too well.


    1. I would recommend you going to the library and get a copy. That’s how I read that book. I always try my best not to pay for any book written by whites.

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